What is a Swather? Would you hang one on your wall?

I saw this beautiful vintage Hesston Swather in a field near my home and it was begging to be added to my tractor wall art collection.  I enjoyed learning how it differs from a combine and the painting was very satisfying to create. So here is a new addition to mix and match with your tractor decor or gallery wall.
What is a Swather? Would you hang one on your wall?

So a couple of weeks ago while my husband and I were heading to a friends for "Taco Tuesday", I spied this beautiful creature in a field, and on the way home my husband stopped so I could get out and take some pictures.

After a little research I discovered that it's a Hesston Swather, maybe a grandpa swather because it was a little battered and the numbers were worn off. The grungier to me, the more a machine begs to be painted and I made a video of my process. 

If you're still wondering what a swather is, Merriam dictionary says it's a harvesting machine that cuts and windrows grain and seed crops! It reaps but it doesn't thresh. It's a baby combine! 😁


Swather prints available.

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