Watercolor Video Demo - 1959 Cockshutt Tractor

In my latest watercolor demo, watch me create a yellow tractor watercolor print from a picture of a 1959 Cockshutt Tractor that I took at Carstens Farm in Shelby, Iowa.
Watercolor Video Demo - 1959 Cockshutt Tractor

 Is this not a cool antique John Deere tractor?! I can't believe what a geek I've become.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went to Carstens Farm in Shelby, Iowa for their annual open house. A gorgeous day + hundreds of tractors equaled a fun afternoon and I have enough photos to paint tractors for the rest of my life! I didn't have a yellow tractor in my collection yet so I chose this 1959 Cockshutt Tractor...I know you're giggling at the name right now. :O 

Click the photo below to see the tractor come to life.

And if you'd interested in prints, you'll find them here.