Watercolor Speedpainting John Deere Combine

Watercolor Speedpainting John Deere Combine

Hello friend!

A couple of weeks ago I had a customer request for several new prints, and one of them was this John Deere combine. I made a video while I painted it. I'm still learning how to put these together but I'm getting better. You may notice the orientation changes in the middle to portrait because I had this crazy idea to film a part for my Instagram. But then you would've missed a big part of the middle if I left it out. So baby steps is my motto. I think it looks pretty good. These speed paintings are fun to watch. 

I also finally figured out how to embed the video so you don't have to click away. :)

Any suggestions for what you'd like to see me make a speed painting of? Leave me a comment. 

You will find prints here.

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