June Studio Update

It's mid June and I'm coming off of two big commissions that I started in April.
June Studio Update

Hello if you're reading this. Thought I'd share an update of what I've been working on. I'm going to try to blog more because I'm not a huge social media person  (though I do just in case you look for me- Instagram / Facebook). I mostly interact with friends and other artists.

I don't know if you keep a journal or blog but it is really fun to look back to see everything you've experienced. When you feel like you haven't achieved anything, you can browse the archives and hopefully not feel like a loser versus posting on social media, getting 1 like and feeling like a loser every time... Ha! But seriously, my business has never run on social media. It's totally OK. It's "social" media for a reason, right?! 


It's mid June and I'm coming off of two big commissions that I started in April. One was a special gift commissioned through my Etsy shop by a group of sisters. It's to celebrate their dad's retirement from Delta Airlines where he has been a pilot for 25 years. 

They asked for this layout showing all of the airplanes he had flown: J3 Piper Cub, T-37, T-38, A10, F16, Boeing 727-767 all the way to commandeering the A330 Aerobus (which is a monster. :) 

Then I switched from vehicles and painted seven watercolor portraits for a University magazine, who I worked with last year. I will share them later this summer.

Completing these projects felt so good, but I also felt a little lost wondering what should I work on next?


One project I did work on next was a promised tutorial / demo video for a friend. She sent me some watercolor paints that her company sells on Amazon (Creativepeak Watercolors), and I used them to paint some flowers in a glass jar. The original (below) is available in my shop. 

floral watercolor art

You can watch the floral watercolor tutorial on YouTube.


Today I added two new vehicle art prints per a customer's request - a Blackhawk helicopter print and a yellow school bus print. I'd wanted to do the school bus for a long time so I was happy for the push to do it, and the Blackhawk I would've eventually painted. It was awesome knowing the little boy's father pilot's one. 

Alright friends, thanks so much for reading this! I actually feel like I've accomplished a lot this month and I still have half a month left. :)