How to Display Kids Wall Art

How to Display Kids Wall Art

Got a little artist in your house who is mass producing drawings and paintings? Are you running out of room on your refrigerator?

I've got 10 ideas on how to creatively display your kids' wall art so you can spread those little masterpieces to other areas of your home. After you read this, you'll have no excuses for bare walls!

And your children will love being acknowledged (take it from a former little artist)- so collect your favorites and take a look at these fun ways to display their drawings and doodles.

1. Washi Tape - use colored pieces of washi tape to hang your kid's art right onto the wall. It's quick and easy to modify and refresh your collection.


2. Cork Boards - This is a great idea for a playroom or for a neater look on your walls. Personalize the board with some initials or other little items and some hot glue.

via Good Housekeeping

3. Empty Frames - I love this idea! Especially if you have a bunch of extra frames or thrift store frames. Spray paint them, add a piece of wire to the back, hang them on the wall and then give your child some little clothes pins and let them start curating!

via The Caterpillar Years

5. Clotheslines -  I wish I had discovered this when my kids were little. This is so easy! (I think I have enough art lying around that I can probably rig something up that is similar for my studio. :)

I had to share this cute wall decal from Etsy.

via StephenEdwardGraphic

 6. Decal Frames - Here's a little more sophisticated take on the washi tape idea. These pre-made frame wall decals will give you lots of flexibility with your display.

via Etsy designedbeginnings

 7. Clip Boards - Give your child this smaller version of an art drawing board and when they're done, take the whole thing and hang it on the wall!

via Home is What You Make It

8. Curtain Wire / Curtain Rod - A slightly different take on the clothesline, Ikea's Dignitet curtain wire is a little neater and adds a bit of industrial vibe and would look great with modern or rustic/farmhouse decor.

via Brit + Co

9. DIY Storage Frame - Here's a great idea for your ever growing kids art collection. This is an IKEA hack that creates a frame and storage box in one.

via Ikea Hackers

10. Storage Frame Option #2 - If you're not into DIY, I found these frames online from Target that also display and store art so you can still store and display your child's growing art collection!


via Target

Now go forth and make kid-friendly gallery walls!

P.S. If your kids like coloring books, I recently created a free printable coloring book featuring 12 drawings of my dragon friend, Dazzle. Get yours here.