Capturing the EA-6B Prowler: A Time-Lapse Painting Adventure

A short video of a watercolor painting of an EA-6B Prowler airplane in progress.

As United States Air Force veterans, my husband and I share a bond that extends beyond our service—actually, he likes to joke that I was issued to him when we met! 🤣 Our shared experiences make encounters with other veterans not just memorable but filled with camaraderie and, often, friendly banter.

Recently, my husband met a client who used to be a Marine mechanic working on the EA-6B Prowler. Their meeting was a lively exchange of playful taunts, typical among service branches, which brought a familiar and humorous energy to the conversation. After my husband told me about his client, I was inspired to paint one of these airplanes.

The process of painting always feels more special when it’s tied to personal stories or meaningful interactions, and this piece was no exception. Knowing the significance of the aircraft, not just in a military context but as a piece of shared history between my husband and his client, added an extra layer of depth to my work.

I'm thrilled to share that I remembered to record the painting process this time—a step I often forget! The video is a wonderful way to share not just the final piece but the journey of its creation, showing each stroke and decision as the painting comes to life.

As a token of appreciation and to commemorate their newfound friendship, I sent a print of the finished EA-6B Prowler to his client. It’s these small gestures, bridging past experiences and present connections, that make the art more than just a visual pleasure but a narrative of shared stories and laughter.